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Nightmare of bookmakers or successful businessman Tony Bloom

There are enough names in the world of betting that any major sports bettor knows. It is very difficult to achieve popularity and huge income, but some gamblers succeed. Tony Bloom is a nightmare for all major betting companies because he knows how to beat them and teaches others to do the same. A guy from a young age has been gambling, so he treats this as entertainment. In this article, we will tell you all about Tony Bloom and his ways to make money.

Bloom’s Beginnings

The young guy became seriously interested in gambling at the age of 9, when he played slot machines on West Street. Tony and his friends collected a common bank and went to the only machine where they calculated certain sequences and algorithms. In this way, Bloom, along with his comrades, earned money for entertainment. Parents took this occupation seriously and did everything so that their son would stop spending money on gambling. The father could not do anything with the enthusiasm of the offspring, but if he knew what it would lead to in the future.

Until he came of age, Tony was engaged in small bets, but managed to save up about 20,000 pounds, which allowed him to play further. The guy was very gifted in mathematics and constantly improved his skills in bookmakers. When Bloom got a job as an accountant at Ernst & Young, he began to preach aggressive betting. This brought him the first big money. Following this, he was noticed by the bookmaker Victor Chandler, who suggested that he join forces and capture the Asian betting market by opening his own office.

Everything went very well and in 2002, he founded his own bookmaker PremierBet. His playground specialized in Asian handicaps. Bloom set all the quotes in the BC with his own hand, because he was well versed in mathematics and probability theory. Later, a department with poker tables was opened, because card games were the real passion of the future millionaire.

The main event in the life of Tony Bloom was the creation of Starlizard in 2006. The name came from his poker name “Lizard”. He received such a nickname for a very aggressive manner of playing and composure.
The biggest dividends for Starlizard come from Premier League games. In the English championship you can find the most promising and liquid bets. In one evening, a company can put down several million sterling and remain in a guaranteed win. Tony Bloom himself in an interview said that the syndicate had the only losing streak in its entire history. This has always shocked all bettors and bookmaker owners.

Who said football is not for women?

The fight against sexism is an extremely important mission of modern society. From generation to generation, a prejudiced attitude towards the female sex was transmitted, which was projected onto all spheres of life. Including sports. In ancient times, women were forbidden to participate in the Olympic Games on pain of death. Time passed, and the final equality has not yet been achieved.

Fight for the right to be an athlete

The first matches among women were recorded as early as the 17th century. But the recognition of the fair sex in the ranks of professionals happened much later. In those days, even doctors insisted that playing sports negatively affects the health and beauty of ladies.
During the First World War, when most women had to work in factories, the Ministry of Industry decided to organize leisure activities that could psychologically distract from grief and hardships. In 1920, the first ever women’s match between different countries was held.
Of course, for a long time there were severe restrictions for women’s teams, however, women got the opportunity to play on the world stage.

Women’s Football Betting

woman's football

Everyone knows that it is ridiculous to compare men’s and women’s football in terms of popularity. This applies to everything: budgets for matches, the salaries of football players, their recognition. But when it comes to sports betting, women’s football is very attractive for analysis and enrichment.
Reasons why it is profitable to bet in the field of women’s football:
The level of the club usually determines the success of the team.
Women’s matches are full of emotions and special passion. It is interesting to observe this and it is easier to predict the result.
Goals in the final seconds happen very often.

There is also a significant disadvantage of this sport – a high risk of injury, especially for women. Because of this, players are often eliminated before the match, which unexpectedly affects the result.

The phenomenon of the Olympic Games

Everyone knows about the Olympic Games, from young to old. But why did they become the most popular and so called? Who founded them?

A bit of history

It is hard to imagine, but the Olympic Games took their beginning in 776 BC, and were named after Zeus, called Olympian. Also the city in which they were held was called Olympia. The significance of this action is difficult to overestimate. Even wars were stopped during the games!
Ancient Greek athletes attracted the attention of people from different countries who walked, rode horses or sailed on a ship, just to see the competition. The winners of the games received wealth and fame, even their heirs enjoyed privileges. But the weaker sex was strictly forbidden to enter the competition, even the death penalty could be a punishment.
Sports in those days were significantly less:
1. Running, jumping
2. Fist fight, pankration
3. Javelin-throwing
4. Chariot competition.
The last sport was extremely difficult and dangerous. An interesting fact: the winner was not the driver of the chariot and the person participating in the race, but the owner of the horses.

Interesting facts about the Olympic Games

From the 4th to the 19th century, competitions were not held, but all because the Roman emperor Theodosius decided to ban them. When they were resumed, the strictest rule was the participation of only amateurs, and not professionals who receive money for this.
The ancient Olympic Games included such a type of competition as pankration. It was a duel in which there were only a couple of prohibitions: biting or harming the opponent’s eyes. All other actions were allowed. Naturally, modern competitions have abandoned such a brutal version of the struggle.
Over the centuries, the legendary Olympic Games have not lost the interest of people all over the world and gather stadiums of fans. And the skill of athletes is only growing and makes you wonder and admire more and more with each game.

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