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The fight against sexism is an extremely important mission of modern society. From generation to generation, a prejudiced attitude towards the female sex was transmitted, which was projected onto all spheres of life. Including sports. In ancient times, women were forbidden to participate in the Olympic Games on pain of death. Time passed, and the final equality has not yet been achieved.

Fight for the right to be an athlete

The first matches among women were recorded as early as the 17th century. But the recognition of the fair sex in the ranks of professionals happened much later. In those days, even doctors insisted that playing sports negatively affects the health and beauty of ladies.
During the First World War, when most women had to work in factories, the Ministry of Industry decided to organize leisure activities that could psychologically distract from grief and hardships. In 1920, the first ever women’s match between different countries was held.
Of course, for a long time there were severe restrictions for women’s teams, however, women got the opportunity to play on the world stage.

Women’s Football Betting

woman's football

Everyone knows that it is ridiculous to compare men’s and women’s football in terms of popularity. This applies to everything: budgets for matches, the salaries of football players, their recognition. But when it comes to sports betting, women’s football is very attractive for analysis and enrichment.
Reasons why it is profitable to bet in the field of women’s football:
The level of the club usually determines the success of the team.
Women’s matches are full of emotions and special passion. It is interesting to observe this and it is easier to predict the result.
Goals in the final seconds happen very often.

There is also a significant disadvantage of this sport – a high risk of injury, especially for women. Because of this, players are often eliminated before the match, which unexpectedly affects the result.

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